Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Victoria Beckham's Collection Is A Hit With Fashion Buyers

When Victoria Beckham announced that she had designed a range of dresses and would present them at New York fashion week, not a lot of journalist were supportive.

But yesterday afternoon, the select band of buyers and editors who viewed the collection changed their tune. "Beautiful", "desirable" and "classy" were among the words bandied about.

Top boutiques and department stores have already begun squabbling over the right to sell the first collection of dresses with "Victoria Beckham" in the label when it hits stores in February.

With only 400 dresses being made in the first season, the range looks destined to be a sellout, even with retail prices starting at £650.

The 15 dresses are all immediately recognisable as signature Victoria Beckham. They are figure-hugging, cut to maximise curves, although with a modest below-the-knee hemline and come in sizes six to 14.

The high standard of the collection has made many journalists question whether Victoria, who has no design training, could take credit for the creation.

The influence of Roland Mouret, whose dresses Beckham often wears, is very visible in the collection, but Beckham said yesterday that she designed the entire collection with no assistance from Mouret or anyone else.

I wish people would just give her credit. The collection is clearly influence on her style.



Mark said...

When is she releasing her men's collection? David wears the jeans everywhere and they look great. Does anyone know?

Sarah said...

Im so happy for her. The collection looks stunning. They are so wearable, classic and elegent, I wish I could affort the whole collection. Im also glad that she is finally getting some good press about her work rather than all the negativity that she usually gets.

Brigitte Schwenner said...

I am a fashion designer and designed a tight fitting dark blue denim dress with a long bold golden 2-way zipper in the back for the SUPIMA Runway Show on July 15,2008 at Gotham Hall, NYC. I personally was wearing a short version of this dress to the Fashion Walk of Fame induction ceremony on July 30,2008 in NYC.
Unfortunately I am not able to insert a photo. What a coincidence!