Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Beckhams Have Dinner At The Waverly Inn

After their in-store appearance at Macy's yesterday, David and Victoria Beckham had dinner at the trendy, celebrity favourite restaurant the Waverly Inn, for a late night bite to eat.

They both changed out of outfits they wore to the signing - I am sure Victoria was glad to get out of those heel-less shoes. David wore pants and a waistcoat combo, that I preferred to his Macy's 3 piece suit.

Victoria changed into the same strapless dress she had worn earlier in the day to the Regis & Kelly show.

There seems to be a lot of upset by fans at the signing, as no one was allowed to take pictures of the couple, nor was anyone allowed to have anything other than the bottles of perfume signed.

I understand that the rules are there to ensure those who queued got to see them, but this for me kinda takes the fun out of the whole event. If I had queued for 5 hours, I would have wanted to have at least got my photo taken with them. A signature on a glass bottle will rub off after a short amount of time.

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Risotta78 said...

I just see that Mrs Beckham has an impure skin at the decoltee , furthermore, the shoes are a little too big and the legs are not shaved.
Today fashion something gone wrong?

Thank you for this photos!

chikk said...

is it me or does victoria look even thinner! LOVE the dress on her, i think her collection suits her sophisticated style

Jilly said...

They are bad paparazzi shots, I hate night shots they always make her look like an orange monster because of the bright camera lights focused on her. She looked fresh and healthy at Macys just 3 hours earlier.

And actually some fans asked the Beckhams to sign their event passes too and they happily obliged, but that's probably because the security and Macys staff didn't notice otherwise they would've pushed the fans on.

Jennifer said...

I always read your webpage and i must thank you for ALWAYS having the latest news. My self and my soon to be husband are extremely huge fans of the beckhams, we have never ever met celebrities in person before because we just arent thank kind of people, to tell you the truth we really dont have the balls either. Anywoo the only reason we really are such big fans are because we have been together for 5 years now and we are only 21 yrs old and none of our friends have boyfriend or girlfriends and its really really hard to find two people truely in love. Not to mention my boyfriend plays soccer in the olympics and is in love with fast cars as david, and myself i just inspire to be a wife and mother as victoria. so i guess you can say we have been fans of the for a long long time.

any ways to get to the point we live right outside of new york city in connecticut - so when i heard on your website the beckhams were coming- WE HAD TO GO! we also work together in a family business so when we heard we called macys had them hold to passes nd fragrances packages nd we drove to new york the night before they were coming - nd then back home and to work nd then the next day we hoped on a train to meet them... we got there just in time.... last two people in line... and as you said no pictures were allowed. Ive never been to disappointed - not only were you literlly pushed around in the line and up the stairs to meet them by security. I must said david is the nicest guy you will ever meet... we were the last two poeple out of 300 and he still had a smile and helped me up the stairs and talked to us like he could be there forever..... such a gentlemen..... victoria-- as i love her anyways... she is a typical girl... i suppose from doing regis nd kelly that night she was very tired and looked like she wanted to leave.. but i had one of her DVB jeans on... so she loved that..

Just thought i should give you some feedback on how every thing went..

oh and because of not being able to take anypics.. but i knoooooww there has to be some of myself nd my boyfriend along with them somewhere out there as she stood up to see my jeans and the photogs were takiing pictures aloooott.. do you think you can send some pictures to my email that you have of that night to maybe see if i am in them???? lol as you can see i am desperate!!!! i will check back here to see if you have commented back, once again i must thank you for having the #1 website!! Jennifer

Krisha said...

These photos of victoria beckham are not good at all. It makes me not question her new haircut all over again, shame really cause it was growing on me.

She is also becoming far too thin again, i doubt she ate at dinner.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where David got that suit from?