Friday, 5 September 2008

In Victoria's Closet - Jil Sander

As always when I see Victoria Beckham in a gorgeous dress like this orange mini Jil Sander dress, I can not she anyone else wearing it as well.

Stunning no?

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Mai said...

i wonder what's that round thing behind the dress?

Colleen said...

wow i luv that dress!! and the shoes too. she rocks it! her hair looks shorter.

Sarah said...

Such a sexy and vibrant little summer dress. I love that she isn't afraid of wearing bold and bright colours.

lynn said...

i dont like that dress actually. it was kinda shapeless and boring :/

Rock*Star said...

I like the dress , but am not sure I like it on her ..

I think the model looks better than her ..

In other pictures , her skin looks as orange as the dress .. I wish she stops tanning herself and get back to her natural skin colour ..

But , I do like her choice of shoes . She always choose the perfect shoes .. I love them ..

Krisha said...

i love victoria, but i do think the model looks better in the dress this time. It looks fresher, younger and flirter on the model.