Saturday, 13 September 2008

Victoria Beckham Talks Men's Style In Details Magazine

Many many huge thanks to Pierre who sent me this scan of Victoria Beckham talking Men's style in Details Magazine this month.

As she lives with one of the worlds most stylish men, and she is a fashion designer, it was only right they ask her.

Thanks again Pierre.

Click on picture to enlarge.


Marq said...

Victoria's black jacket is fabulous!! What a great way to dress up a pair of jeans. What a great staple for ones fall wardrobe. You must find out who makes it.

Krisha said...

god i love this photo! The outfit, the bling and the big pouty lips are so victoria!

I love the sunglasses and i wish she didn't cut her hair off now :(

Rock*Star said...

I tottaly agree with everything she said in that interview ..

I wish all guys follow her advice ..

I love it when she does this manly style , she pulls it off so well ..

Kate said...

I think VB has a lot good to say about womens fashion and figure. She knows how clothes should look like on a woman to make her look her best.

But when it comes to mens fashion I dont think she is good at all. I couldnt agree with much of the text. Besides like the fact that men (and women, and children, everyone) should look clean.

Too bad. In my opinion its good that she is a role model only for women and not men.