Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Victoria Beckham Shows Off Her New Do A New York Party

Wearing gorgeous black mini wrap dress with structured shoulders, Victoria Beckham looked stunning as arrived at a party in New York.

She accompanied Marc Jacobs in a purple skirt to the party for Jennifer Hudson's Album, held by Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, the pictures show her having fun with the guys at the party.

Simon Doonan, the creative director Barney's, also had a photo with Victoria.

About her new do Victoria said, "I get bored very very quickly and I just fancied a change."

Her hair was cut and styled by New York celebrity hairstylist Garren, who said he wanted to play up her features.

"It was clear that we had to go short and create a new look that embraced her beauty, great personality and body," he said in a statement.

The Jonas Brothers revealed today on UK breakfast show GMTV, that Victoria told them that her boys want to follow in their footsteps become the 'Beckham Brothers'.

"The whole entire family’s amazing", Kevin Jonas

"We got the honour to meet them at the Teen Choice Awards. We met the boys and we took pictures with them - and Victoria said that the boys wanted to become the ‘Beckham Brothers’. And so we were like, "Yes!"'

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Elisabeth said...

I don't care how beautiful the dress is, I just really, really hate the hair. When I saw it the first time I cried and now I am so angry at Victoria. She is such a beautiful woman, so how can she do this to herself?

Rock*Star said...

The hair style makes her look so youthful and realy realy pretty ..

But I think it needs some Adjustment ..

But still , I love it ..

Olga said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new do! I think she looks excellent!

Matt said...

The hair cut is gorgeous. she looks amazing. LMAO @ Marc's skirt.

snowwhite said...

Omg I still can't belive on my eyes...I was't at home few days and...when I saw it...omg omg omg...I don't know I love it or I hate it...I really don't know...maybe I love it...:) Victoriaaaaaaa ROCKS...

Anonymous said...

I love her hair! She has the face to pull of short hair and it shows. I think she looks great.

I really like dresses w/ pockets but I think I'd like this one more if the pockets were off to the side more than the front.

Posh 2.0

faffy said...

hey, i think this haircut is growing on reminds me of her haircut when she married david..

Sarah said...

I love the hair. It was time for a change and this is something fresh and new. Something we have never seen of her. I also love that she is smiling more now and has changed her posing face form that angry pout to a more relaxed, happy expression.

Nikolett said...

God, Marc Jacobs is SEXY.

Anonymous said...

LUV THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!