Friday, 26 September 2008

David and Victoria Beckham Inside Macy's

Here are some pictures of Mr and Mrs Beckham showing off their "his & hers" fragrances.

I know the designer of Victoria Beckham's ensemble, but that will follow this post, when I find the untagged, full-length, non Getty picture I want of her.

I have heard that David was a bit sombre, like he did not want to be there. If this is true, we should put this down to the fact that he lost a game yesterday.

The Daily Mail have written a positive story about how the Beckham's took Manhattan, you can read it here.

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Mai said...

Omg her eyebrows are scary! other than that her outfit is out of this world!

chikk said...

wow! how did she walk in those amazing shoes! beautiful!!

Nicolas said...

lost a game or not, i wasnt the only one that noticed that he was down. People spent over $122 to for 10 second and thats not even the spice fans and his soccer fans that spend more money on tcikets, jeans, sunglasses, ect.

one girl that was infront of me said that when she met posh at her book sigining in london she was more bubbly and took pictures with everyone!

i still think its funny how when my mom called and when i went to see who called security grabbed my phone. lol i bet posh loved it!

Melissa said...

I went to this event and I can honestly say I have never been SO mad at an event. First of all, I was FIRST in line - they told me and a few others to wait inside... THEN the line started outside and they wouldn't let me stand in front when I was there since 1pm and no one else was... so I was half-way down the line now. THEN they ripped MY camera away from MY hands when after purchasing $130.00 worth of perfume, I think that deserves a picture. I'm not mad at the Beckhams, except for maybe not saying, "Let her get a picture" but the event staff was HORRIBLE. They were beyond rude and PUSHED me up the stairs to them when they were talking to someone else - another fan. I am very mad. I missed work, I came from Jersey to see them - some girls came from Louisiana to see them - and we didnt get pictures. I understand it could slow things but I paid $130.00 - I am very upset.

DVB said...

Hi Melissa, VERY sorry to hear about this. These signings seem to be very hit and miss, which I why I have been quite apprehensive about going to one.

Like you said it is the event staff who get on mad power trips and ruin it for everyone.

I am very shocked to hear that people were not allowed to take photographs. Like you say for $130, you are not getting much for your money.

Sorry :(

DVB said...

Nicolas, thanks for the confirmation. I think it is clear in some of the photos that he looks a bit down too.

What did they think you were going to do with the phone? Crazy :(

Ace Azri said...

the two of them look like maneqquin. which is gorgeous.

Nicolas said...

melissa yes...the lousiana girls were next to me and they vanished. it was sooooo bad. i had little kids cut me in line and i couldnt yell at them. then i had this trashy family screaming at security and i told them to relax theyre going to meet them.

i dont know what security expected when they saw "MOM calling" on my cell phone screen. im sure there security loved my background of the pic i took with geri.

i was so used to seeing victorias signing on youtube and her taking pics with everyone and moving around NOT THIS AT ALL.

Im still very upset that they didnt take pics with anyone. Ive spend THOUSANDS of dollars since the spice days.., I go to FIT and she she loved when i said FIT. i spend $130, money that i should save for school to a get a silly autograph????
(I returned the bottles after how insulted i felt by the event).

they should NEVER do signing together. and posh had a nice diamond bracelet on!!!

Melissa said...

I definitely remember you lol because I remember seeing someone taking out a camera or a cell phone and have it ripped out lol... and I was like "O..M..G. Maybe I won't try for a picture." And that is awesome about FIT, I'm trying to transfer there.

Melissa said...

and you were the smart one lol... I should have returned those bottles too. I really should have thought of that. I emailed them a complaint though.

brit said...

god david looks soooo sexy!±!!!! victoria is looking even more beautiful!!!!!!!

Nicolas said...

oh melissa. SMALL WORLD!!!!!!!..i love this. yes they grabbed it and saw "mom calling" sooooo silly.

geri was ALOT nicer when i met her at B BAR!

which major r u trying too? and posh goes to our library cause they have great archives!!!

sweetie said...

No, I say this was a very fucked up event.
Shame on Macys and the Beckhams.