Wednesday, 10 September 2008 Adds Victoria Beckham As A Designer

To prove that Victoria Beckham is being taken very seriously by the fashion industry, who lists designers such as Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, have added Victoria's collection to their site.

You can view the whole collection here. This site also has newer pieces, we have not seen, like this shirt/skirt combo.

Here is the review:

The woman formerly known as Posh Spice has launched a dress collection, and, believe it or not, it's one of the hottest things going in New York this week. It should come as no surprise that Victoria Beckham is an entrepreneur to be taken seriously; she's already launched dVb denim and sunglasses, and her fragrance, which was previously unavailable here, is soon headed to the States. But her sheaths and shift dresses, which we're told several major retailers are vying to offer exclusively, will sell not on the power of her name but on the sophistication of their cut and fit.

Every one of them could've been pulled from Beckham's own closet. The silhouette is beyond body-conscious, ultra-fitted from shoulder line to below the knee, with special seams along the derriere and torso to ensure against flat rear ends and busts, respectively. And each comes with woman-friendly details like a rose-gold back zipper ("so you don't have to dive into it and mess your hair and makeup") and a removable grosgrain ribbon lining the waist ("for posture"). If the collection owes a debt to anyone, it's Roland Mouret, whose Galaxy dress gave curves to even the most skeletal of celebrities, or maybe Dolce & Gabbana. But Beckham denies the inspiration. "This has been a lifetime in the making," she said, adding that she's been wearing the best designers in the world for about as long. And she's not interested in making an It dress. "I don't want to make dresses that will date. I've always been about clever buying." The dresses will range from $1,500 to $3,600.



Meg said...

That is effin unreal!! They hardly ever post her pics but they've added her collection? Wow!
I would love to see them up close for all the little details that several reviewers have mentioned.

Krisha said...

Its funny, the people that mocked victoria beckham, looked down at her, called her classless, talentless and skeletal are now having to eat their words.

Now they're all sucking up to her and fighting to get their hands on her line of jeans, dresses, fragrances and sunglasses.

I think victoria is a truly lovely person (even though she puts on a posh front) but is unfairly critized and now shes getting all that good Karma she deserves.

When i start making some real money, i'll definitely wear ever single thing from her collection, from the sunglasses to the jeans to the dresses. Good luck to her (not that she needs it :))