Wednesday, 10 September 2008

David Beckham Trains With The England Squad

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While his wife is the talk of New York Fashion Week, David Beckham was training before tonights FIFA 2010 Group Six World Cup Qualifying match between Croatia at the Maksimir Stadium.

Since Victoria got her hair cut in New York, David would not have seen his wife's new hair cut, he would have only seen the pictures that we have seen.

I am sure he will love it though.

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Anonymous said...

I'll send you a scan from the papers of David arriving at Pleso Airport in Zagreb if you want.

I was at The Regent Esplanade hotel when they arrived, but unfortunately i couldn't see anything because of all the police and the photographers that were pushing us away.

I had no luck today either, i passed next to the hotel 4 times today and all i saw was police, police and more police officers infront.

I'm not going to the match as the tickets are way too overpriced.