Saturday, 13 September 2008

Victoria Beckham & Jennifer Lopez Having Dinner At Cipriani

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After the Marc Jacobs show, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez went to dinner at Cipriani's in New York.

I love the last photo.



jenny said...

she looks exquisite in that last picture..very much like audrey hepburn..that haircut has definitely grown on me now

Maddy said...

LOVE that bracelet on her arm!

and, of course, always adore her as well!

Marq said...

That last photo of Victoria is amazing. Maybe the best photo that I've seen of her with the new do.
It is such a pretty and candid shot. She looks so soft and feminine.

Marq said...

That last photo makes me want to lose my pob for her new pixie!!

Anonymous said...

Victoria's hair really starts to grow on me too. She looks fabulous.

TraiT said...

OMG YES! The last photo's just so natural and beautiful!!
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!1

Janie said...

I still don't like this short "wiggy" hair but facially , she does look beautiful.Iknow she has had lots of short hair styles before too, there is just something odd about this one. I liked her hair when she had it short and very dark brown on her first solo album cover, that suited her, and my fav was when it was long and dark and curled, v glamerous. How about you compile, a fab montage of all her hairstyles from your extensive collection FC and we can all vote on our favourite one ever?