Thursday, 26 April 2007

Peroxide Becks

David Beckham today showed off his new blonder hair.

Me no likey, sorry, the blonde is TOO blonde.

He now looks very much like his wife, which is cute. No doubt it will grow on me...eventually.



brit said...

no way i dont like his hair like this at all, he normally has great style, i think hes doing a brad pitt and sort of trying out their partners look, but this is way too much, i wish hed shave his head again hes so yummy like that

Anonymous said...

i actually like it for some reason...when he had his long hair and was peroxide blonde i actually liked it, i think the colour usually looks nicer after a day or know what they say; partners in crime so he's basically joined victoria but i hate her hair blonde....i actually think this colour gives us an idea of how he'll look when his hair starts going grew...just look at the sidea

Jennifer said...

I really don't like this style. :( It makes him look older or something. And quite common.