Wednesday, 25 April 2007

LA Galaxy Have Already Made Their Money Back On David Beckham

Los Angeles Galaxy have already made their money back on David Beckham, according to their owners.

Beckham signed for Galaxy in January, although he does not actually move to America until July - once his commitments with current club Real Madrid have ended.

However, endorsements and sponsorship deals done on the back of Beckham's arrival - mean his £10million five-year deal is already covered.

The deals done include an additional 7,000 season tickets sold and a new multi-million sponsorship deal.

Tim Leiweke, chief executive officer of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, the company who own Galaxy, has confirmed that the cost of Beckham's signing has already been met.

"We were never worried about our financial commitment. We've already made our money back," he confirmed.

Lucky them. And there was me thinking they were buying him because of his talent. Silly me.



Anonymous said...

for me i just think everyone has their expiry date and david is very close to that...where most people fade with less money than they've earned previously he's gonna leave with more so i guess its a really good compensation...

brit said...

i think its going to be really strange david playing for America, and soccer. i hope they come home one day. is there still any chance that he'l play the England games?

Fashion Critic said...

I think it would be unlike David will play for England again once he has moved to LA. The travel time to the UK would be too long.

I hope he is fit and picked for the England vs. Brazil game on 1st June in London as I am going to that game.

Anonymous said...

but y'all have to remember that it has always been his dream to end his career at least he's getting something he's always wanted eventhough it will be at the expense of not being able to play for england...and i don't really think mclaren likes him anyway

brit said...

yea i guess if its his dream and we do hav to surport our own even if he is in a different country. im so jeleous fashion critic i would luv to go and see that game, i think that would b a good one against Brazil, speash as it would b his last with England