Saturday, 14 April 2007

Jordan Is Clearly Deluded

UK glamour model Jordan has been making stupid comments about Victoria Beckham over the past few days while she has been in the US. I tried to ignore her, but her comments are getting more and more ridiculous.

Firstly, a few years ago she claimed that David Beckham made a pass at her by squeezing her hand. Yeah right

Recently she claimed that she was better looking than Victoria. Get a life.

Now she is criticizing Victoria's look. This I find ridiculous coming from a woman who career is based on her wearing no clothes, posing nude and being know as a slag.

Jordan, whose real name is Katie Price, is in the US promoting her own reality TV show with husband Peter Andre. She obviously needs all the attention she can get because she is digging up this feud with Victoria Beckham that started in 2000.

The feud started when Jordan accused Victoria of ruining her relationship with Dane Bowers. Victoria responded to this by calling Jordan "vile" cleverly started singing "Who let the dogs out?" when Jordan entered the same room as Victoria. And they say Victoria Beckham does not have a sense of humour.

Speaking on Extra last night, Jordan pretended she didn’t know who the Beckhams were, responding "who?" when asked about the couple.

Jordan, agreed with her ugly husband Peter Andre that she was better looking than Victoria, and added that it was "not hard".

"It’s not hard to be better looking than her, is it?" she told Extra. But she refused to disagree with her Aussie man when he said he was not as good looking as David. .

She then continued her assault on Victoria, remarking: "She’s just a footballer’s wife and Pete and I are still individuals."

Jordan is a deluded idiot who 7 years on is still jealous of Victoria's fame.

Victoria has 3 healthy children, a husband who makes his own money, designers throwing clothes at her, celebrity friends and a career that does not involve getting naked. Can Jordan say the same? NO



Jennifer said...

She sounds like the UK equivalent of Paris Hilton - no talent, overblown (and delusional) ego and thinks starting feuds will give her fame. Oy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Jordan is white trash compared to Victoria. Jordan is so jealous she just can't deal. But we all know that Jordan is white trash and Victoria is just fabulous. End of story.

Palatial Pixie said...

Aaah, we'll have to agree to disagree on this. I prefer Katie to Victoria, always have. She's an extremely hard-working, intelligent woman, but because of the business she is in this is not accounted for and she falls victim to stereotypes. I think she is prettier than Victoria. I completely respect her for the way she's dealt with Harvey's problems - like Victoria, she seems very family orientated. Katie's worked hard for the money she has, which could not be said for Victoria.

brit said...

i do somtimes like jordan but other times she reali lets herself down and is reali perthetic, in our ok magazine in england she has her own coloumn and she says basically lying saying no one in america knows the beckhams and how funny it is coz for her its been so easy breaking it there, it just reali bugs me how petty she can b. The thing she said about how victoria is just going over to the usa as his wife and like its a bitchy comment is kindof perthetic coz corse vic is going to move if her husband does, its for his job. jordans going over there coz she wants to b famous there its just way too petty and hypocritical

Fashion Critic said...

Jordan like you said Brit is just jealous of Posh. Of course American's know who she is. The Spice Girls were one of the few UK bands to crack America.

Marie B said...

Jordan is a bitch

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with everything that you say! Katie Price will never be Victoria Beckham, and we all know she could only hope! Its not that hard to be hot like Katie, anybody who throws on a ton of make-up, has the best hair dressers, spends loads on plastic surgery, and wears next to nothing, can look like Jordan! Victoria is classy and Katie is clearly less then trashy! Peter Andre is prettier then Katie!! She's a bitch! I can imagine that she can't stand the fact that American's Embrassed the Beckham's with open arms and still have no idea who Peter & Katie are! If they ever moved here (America), she wouldn't be a able to compete with the likes of Pamala Anderson, Beyonce, or even Paris Hilton for that matter! She would just be another stripper looking bimbo!