Monday, 9 April 2007

David Beckham Show's Off His New Tattoo

David Beckham gets a new tattoo and despite being a huge fan of David I do not like fact I hate it.

David showed off his new tattoo while watching his team mates play against Osasuna on Sunday. Real won 2-0.

The tattoo has his squad number 23 etched into his skin, so I hope that when he moves to LA Galaxy they will give him the number 23 shirt.

David already has nine tattoos on his back, arms and neck, why did he need anymore?

The design on his right forearm looks to be a continuation of the angel and clouds scene he already had.

David apparently got the inspiration from Prison Breaks Wentworth Miller.



Anonymous said...

I totally hate his tattoo....what on earth is wrong with him?? Is he trying to turn his body into a drawing board?? By the time he gets old and wrinkly its gonna look the way fashion critic i love your blog, saw the link you posted on por amor forums

Jennifer said...

He could do worse for inspiration than Michael Scofield. :) I kinda love it!