Wednesday, 18 April 2007

David & Victoria Spent £110K for 12 hours in Paris

That is £9,166.66 per hour it cost for David and Victoria Beckham to spend some quality time alone in Paris.

After arriving in Paris at about 4pm yesterday, the pair went shopping, looking at jewellery, cameras and - obviously - clothes.

They reportedly spent £70,000 at several shops in the trendy Marais district.

David Beckham had spent weeks organising private sessions at the showrooms of designers including Christian Louboutin, where Posh snapped up a pair of made-to-measure heels for £1,500.

He then took her to one of her favourites, Azzedine Alaia to select a £7,000 dress.

I am so hating myself right now...

Their suite at the Ritz, and hiring the renowned Guy Savoy restaurant so they could dine alone would have set Beckham back another £15,000.

All this makes me love David Beckham even more....isn't he just the best husband a girl could have? The trip to Chrisitan Louboutin would have been enough for me, but he went that extra mile to make his wife's day extra special.

Victoria had only been expecting lunch in Madrid, but instead he drove her to the airport where he had spent £25,000 on a private jet.

After dinner the couple retired to their suite at 1am - but they were back at Paris's Bourget airport at 4am for the flight back to Madrid.

What did they do for 3 hours I wonder???



Jennifer said...

What a man!! I'm beginning to believe that he is actually perfect.

sonia1600 said...

sh's very beautiful
so chic