Friday, 13 April 2007

David Beckham Already Appears on LA Galaxy's Tickets

Executives at David Beckham's new team LA Galaxy are cashing in on his move by featuring the footballer's face on match tickets.

David appears on tickets for the team's first game of the season on Thursday against FC Dallas - even though he won't be playing in any matches for at least another three months.

A source told the Daily Star: "Posing majestically with his new hair-do and gazing into the distance might not do anything for UK fans but US audiences are different. They like their sport with added glamour, right down to the tickets.

"There have been quite a few raised eyebrows over this. Seeing Beckham plastered all over tickets for these matches, which he won't be playing in, is quite strange."

I'll say...very strange. This kind of hype is only going to make his team mates dislike him in my opinion.

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Jennifer said...

Exactly my thoughts as well. Hopefully, he'll do enough for the team's visibility that his team mates will be able to take the marketing mumbo jumbo in stride.

Besides, he's just so darn likable.