Monday, 2 April 2007

Jennifer Lopez "Victoria Beckham Is Such A Sweetie"

In the May 2007 edition of Elle UK, Jennifer Lopez talks about Victoria Beckham. She says, "I met Victoria at Tom and Katie's wedding. She's such a sweetie, I mean this is a girl who knows about fashion. Her clothes are just amazing. She's so stylish. But the best thing about Victoria is that she's got this really funny British sense of humour. And David is so sweet, I'm very glad they've moved to LA. She's a great girl"

Note to Jennifer....she has not moved yet.

Isn't that sweet. I love how they are friends. Shame she won't star in her reality TV that would be must see TV.

Also Jennifer Lopez has agreed to become Posh’s new fashion guinea pig and try out her exclusive range of jeans.

Desperate to ensure that Victoria Beckham’s new range of dVb denims flatter her generous curves, The Mirror newspaper reports Jennifer is wearing the jeans every day, making notes and asking hubby Marc Anthony for his opinion of how they look.

Source: May 2007 Elle Magazine

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