Friday, 13 April 2007

David Beckham's Men Only Party

David Beckham before he leaves for the US will be holding a working-class - men-only - party in a London pub

David has invited all of his old pals from when he was growing up and his Manchester Utd team mates past and present.

It's will be his final farewell to his English footballing life and career

It will be a very low-cost affair where guests - including the Neville brothers and childhood friend Matthew Treglowan, who lived opposite David when he was seven - will feast on curry and beer in a pub instead of the usual champagne and canapes.

I love this idea because this is what would make David really happy. Victoria has been warned that she is not invited.

The Beckhams are also throwing a lavish party in Amberley Castle at the end of May. Around 500 guests will dress up for a £750,000 American-themed star-studded bash. The focus will be on celebs from the world of TV, film and music.

I can't wait for the pictures from this event as it would be unlikely I going to get an invite.



Jennifer said...

Not being a working class man, I'm thinking you won't get that coveted invite either. ;)

I love that he's so down to earth.

thinista said...

The look on that other guys face is deeply deeply icky...ew