Monday, 16 April 2007

Are David and Victoria Beckham Living Separate Lives?

Prior to David and Victoria's move to LA they have been increasingly spending less time together. This is a fact as David had his work commitments with Real Madrid and Victoria was house-hunting, shopping, attending fashion shows, Golden Globe and Oscar Parties.

I reported not so long ago that they had spent less than 25 days together this year.

Since the announcement of David's move to the LA Galaxy in the summer Victoria has been spending less and less time in Madrid. She has been splitting her time mostly between London and LA.

At first I was happy about the move, but I have slowly started seeing it as a VERY bad idea. These kinds of reports do nothing to stop those fears.

The Mail on Sunday has the full report on how they are spending less and less time together and believing that they are living separate lives.


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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, why doesn't this suprise me? I talked about this in the por amor forums and i almost got eaten alive because i said that there might be a little truth in it. Since this move of david's came along she's been travelling like she's promoting the world...eventhough she's looking for a house or a school her trips are not usually spaced out so it would make sense that they're not spending much time together. Well lets just hope that they're as strong as they say they are becuase everyone knows that the most beautiful girls are in LA and David's been dogged by rumours of extra marital affairs in the past. Also the US has the highest rate of divorce...even people that have been married for 18 years like micheal jordan do get divorced. I just hope she doesn't plan on doing anymore travelling. I thought she said she wanted to stay in the background? Cause to me it looks like she's trying to publicise something.