Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Victoria Beckham Only Drinks Tea On An 11 Hour Flight

It has been report that Victoria Beckham stunned fellow first class passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to London when she refused all offers of food, opting to drink cup after cup of peppermint tea.

Stewards and stewardesses fussed around the her, but she refused all offers. She even brought her own teabags for the 11-hour flight.

One fellow passenger says, "She was very pleasant and she's really very pretty in person but she's very thin. If you can go for 11 hours on nothing but peppermint tea, it's little wonder she's so skinny."'

To be fair I HATE plane food, but once you are up there with no alternative that food starts to look good. And she would have been in first class so the food would have been better than the food I would eat in economy. So does this mean she has an eating disorder? Or does she just not like plane food?


BettY said...

I think that she have a eating disorder. She is too thin, she should put on some weight!!Someone should help her or something!!

Anonymous said...

JK did she really change her hair do again?? what does it look like now?