Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Diddy Believes David Beckham Will Be A Hero In America

In today's Sun newspaper Diddy had in interview in which he talks about David Beckham.

"David is a really special man. Him coming over to the States is like the Beatles going over there. Football isn't that big in America at the moment, but David is going to be a hero and bring the sport up to another level."

He added: "You can tell just how passionate he is about his football when he gave up his captaincy for England. He's going to be a legend. He's doing a very powerful thing for football worldwide.

Diddy had put David and Victoria in touch with close contacts at his estate agent's realtor. He added: "I'll help him settle in. The US is my area. He's got my full support and the backing of all my people."

It looks like ALL American's are excited about their move.

One thing to note Diddy...David Beckham IS a legend.


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