Friday, 30 March 2007

David Beckham Wins 'Outstanding Contribution Award'

Last night was not all about the hair. David was honoured by the Sports Industry Awards 2007 winning the 'Outstanding Contribution to British Sport' Award.

The tributes for Beckham’s achievements and his contribution to UK sport flowed in led by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair:

“In a world where celebrity comes too easily, David deserves his fame. The phenomenal interest in his move to the United States is a reflection not just of his talent but also of his understanding of the importance of sport as an industry – creating wealth, jobs and driving passion around the world.

“He’s been a huge cultural icon for our country but most of all he plays football brilliantly and whenever he wore the England shirt, he wore it with pride.”

There were also words of praise from Beckham’s former manager at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson:

“I think it's a wonderful achievement and well deserved. David’s been a great credit to football since he was a boy, when he came to Manchester United at 12 years of age. I always remember the little elfin face, 5 feet nothing and then he grew into a fantastic footballer. He is a credit to the game and credit to Manchester United, so all I can say on behalf of everyone at Manchester United is well done, congratulations.”

To watch the video of David collecting his award click here

I will return to the hair because as you can see he changed it again. He flicked it up for the actual ceremony. Phew! it is hard keeping up with the ever changing Beckham's.

David received his award from good friend Thierry Henry.


Jennifer said...

Good for him!! I wonder if - in the dark days of 1998 - he ever thought this would happen.

Palatial Pixie said...

Aww, good for him. It's nice for him to get some recognition from England before he leaves the country. And it was nice of Fergie to say something, despite their rumoured problems.