Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Victoria Beckham's New Look. Is a Nose Job Next?

That is what this weeks Grazia magazine is asking.

After Victoria's new blonde crop which has been called The Pop (Posh Crop) and The Lap (LA Posh) people are now wondering if Victoria's nose is next for a change.

Apparently friends says that Victoria might slightly alter the shape of her nose as she has always hated it. She thinks her nose turns up too much at the tip, and has been very impressed with the recent subtle nose jobs by Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. This change is speculated to take place before her 6-part reality TV series.

LA fashion insiders predict Victoria will change her wardrobe, ditching her high fashion outfits and adopt a more LA stars wardrobe i.e. Jeans and T-Shirts. This is has already started to take place while she has been out and about in LA.

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