Sunday, 11 March 2007

How Victoria Beckham Will Conquered America

Here is Victoria’s Beckham’s well orchestrated plan to win over the American public in 10 easy steps…

1) Make A-List friends

Victoria and David have become close to Hollywood power couples Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony. Posh and Becks were among the first people to see Tom and Katie's baby after her birth, Posh attended their wedding in Rome, and David even credits Tom for helping him make the decision to move to the LA Galaxy: “I was on the phone to him for about an hour last night and then an hour the night before," David said when he announced the move. "I asked him for his advice… because he's a very wise man.”

But it doesn't stop there - Brad Pitt has apparently asked David to personally teach young son Maddox some football skills!

2) Declare love for your new home on your blog

“This is a really exciting move for us and the children, and one which we have thought about carefully,” Victoria gushed on her official website when news of David's move to LA Galaxy was announced. “I'm really looking forward to making new friends and enjoying the sunshine in California.”

3) Turn up at VIP events & promptly steal the show

Victoria wowed paparazzi and gossip columnists alike with her frock choices at the Grammies and Oscars parties - she even made some of the best dressed lists the morning after.

4) Resist the lure of Scientology (for now)…

Despite their close friendship with King of Scientology Tom Cruise, Posh and Becks haven't shown an interest in the controversial religion, avoiding the risk of being dismissed as celebrity loonies by the majority of the American public. But for how long can they resist Tom’s Scientology-laced charms?

5) Be fabulous yet aloof at all times

Who else on earth wears an outfit like this, to go house-hunting?! The answer: nobody.

6) Get into the nation’s lounge rooms
If there are still some people in a remote corner of the mid-west who don’t know Victoria’s coming, they soon will – she’s just signed a £10 million deal with NBC for a fly-on-the-wall reality series about her move to the States. This is pure prime-time Posh – David will appear in the series but only very briefly.

Vic is also rumoured to be in the running to host a show where she doles out fashion advice to 'ordinary Americans'.

7) Respect the paparazzi

Victoria rarely loses her temper with over-zealous photographers, even when she get mobbed like in this picture, right, taken outside the Ivy restaurant in LA. Posh understands that without them, she doesn't stand a chance of getting her image splashed across the covers of high-circulation celebrity magazines like People and US Weekly.

8) Suck up to the locals
“People in the street have been calling out things like ‘Welcome home, we're so excited you're here.’” Victoria wrote on her blog. “That has been fantastic, and one of the best things about this trip.”

9) Act like an ordinary mum

Locals were impressed when Victoria acted like a regular British tourist and took her sons to Disneyland. And each time she's photographed out shopping for clothes, Posh makes sure she pops into an LA chain store, not just her favourite designer boutiques.

10) Be immortalised in wax

Madame Tussauds in New York has introduced a Welcome To America exhibit featuring George W Bush greeting David and Victoria to the States. What do you know – she's even found a canny way to get the Republicans on side!

Source: msn

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