Sunday, 25 March 2007

David And Victoria Enjoy A Night Out In London

David and Victoria Beckham were out in London last night for dinner at Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay's Scott's Restaurant.

David was dressed in a smart suit whereas Victoria came out dressed in a ridiculous Christopher Kane red dress with a pink zip. What was she thinking? Firstly it is very cold in London and secondly, this dress looks like something a "working girl" would wear. I am very disappointed in this outfit.

They had dinner at Scotts Restaurant in Mayfair with Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. I wonder what she ate. Not much I can imagine.

It has been reported that David seemed to get angry and frustrated with Victoria. She wanted to pose in front of the photographers outside awaiting their arrival, but David just held Victoria's hand and dragged her into Scotts. Or maybe he was just embarrassed by what she was wearing.

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