Friday, 1 May 2009

Victoria Beckham Takes Her Boys To School

I feel like I'm breaking bad news, but here is Victoria Beckham taking her children to school.

Same hair colour, same length, no change.

Their may still be a change by Monday, but at this stage it looks unlikely.




Rt said...

I like her hair when she grows it out naturally rather than having extensions, and I like her with dark hair.

Rock*Star said...

I hope she changes her hair style. Its starting to look so boring. Although I love it. But, its time for change.

For monday, she either needs a new hair style or an outstanding outfit to get back on top.

still <3 her :*

flake said...

Dvd, x17online has new pictures of posh wearing yellow marc jacobs dress that she wore to the shutter hotel last year. is it true there is another scandal?

brit said...

i lv her pixie look, it really suits her, so gorgeous.