Monday, 4 May 2009

Victoria Beckham To Appear On Germany's Next Top Model

Victoria Beckham will appear on Germany's Next Top Model on the German TV station Pro7 on Thursday 20:15h this week.

I hope we get some youtube clips.

This show is hosted by her good friend Heidi Klum.

Thanks to Suki for the info.


Anonymous said...

Please check on this side. I hope you could see the show (maybe the next day) there or some clips.


Ert said...

So a pre-recorded segment then? Maybe when she was in Germany a few months ago?

DVB said...

I would guess it's pre recorded, but I'm not sure how the show works in Germany

Anonymous said...

I think it is pre recorded too. But the most of the times the girls are in LA so it was no problem for Vic to shoot it.