Saturday, 2 May 2009

Victoria Beckham Brings Out The Sunshine

Here is Victoria Beckham taking her kids to tennis practice at the Beverly Hills Country Club in Hollywood.

She wasn't wearing black -yeah- she was wearing a sunshiny yellow Marc Jacobs Resort 2008 dress with wedges and her trademark dVb sunglasses.

I'm so grateful for this pop of colour

You may remember she wore this same dress we saw her wear last year going to lunch with friends.

I didn't want to address it, but so many of you have asked. No I don't believe the infidelity rumors. They were started by the Daily Star, which is worst than the Sun newspaper for making up stories.

Please give David some credit, as a husband, father and decent man, and do not believe these silly stories. Every time they're apart for a time, these stories always come up. News always slows down in Summer, so the papers make up stuff.

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Ryu said...

It wasn't even an infidelity story anyway, she alleged he "touched her elbow" lol. Anyway, it was dismissed by his rep.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the stories of such papers and I got angry when I heard about this!

But it is to sad that a lot of people believe them : - (


Sara said...

Since when is touching someone's elbow when taking a picture with someone cheating? It's pretty sad when all the woman see's is getting publicity for this instead of leaving a married guy with a family alone. Predictably the tabloids have expanded on the elbow touching story to make it juicier.

whitebutterfly01 said...

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Lah said...

It is sad! Im actually surprised how it took this long to someone tell some bullshit about him to a newspaper.

nisha said...

i thought i had seen this dress before and she looks gorgeousa both times love it.i hate it when some stupid people try to use the beckhams for attention and have to make up stuff like this and then people just believe all this.i could never ever imagine david doing anything like this so i never doubted him at all hopefully they won't make this a big deal.he's so devoted to his family a perfect gentlemen and would never want to do anything to upset his family.thanks for posting

DVB said...

glad to hear you didn't believe it

Meg said...

It's pretty sad because the damage has already been done. A bunch of sites and tabloids have already put their spin on it. The new spin is that he had dinner with her in Milan.
Oh well, some people live off negativity so they'll believe it any way.

DVB said...

Lah, I know. I also expected these types of lies earlier.

Janie said...

Dont believe the lies . so obviously rubbish its sad. Hate this frock as it makes her boobies look sqished and does her fab figure no favours.But at least its a jolly colour eh?