Monday, 15 January 2007

Cruise's Welcome Party for the Beckhams

The Cruises, apparently, have already arranged a summer party packed with A-list stars in the Beckhams' honour. Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Lopez are said to be on the guest list.
Katie has helped Posh sort out everything from security to home help and even which charities to support.

The Beckhams' six-strong security team includes at least one practising Scientologist, a female bodyguard who has previously looked after Katie and, before that, Tom's ex Nicole Kidman. (scary-I hope this part is not true)

Katie has already arranged a maid from a Spanish-speaking country in Central America. The source said: "David is keen not to lose all the Spanish he has learned and wants Brooklyn to keep up his Spanish too." (cute)

Source: NOTW and Sunday Mirror

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