Friday 7 March 2008

Victoria Beckham's Full Editorial For Vogue UK April 2008

If you guys thought the cover was stunning, just look at the inside.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful editorials Victoria has ever done. I am so glad UK Vogue wanted to show the beautiful side of her. Nick Knight made her look soft and beautiful whereas Gilles Bensimon made her look like a crazed manic.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, said: "The pictures demonstrate the Eliza Dolittle quality of Victoria, veering from mannered hauteur to the trashy sexiness of her exposed back laced with tattoos."

Miss Shulman, who interviewed her for the feature, said Posh arrived in skyscraper Christian Louboutin shoes (eh?? what else would our girl wear) and admitted: "I have joined a gym but I can't bring myself to start".

"Obviously working out is important - well, I don't. What do you wear on the running machine? I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes."

I hope she will get recognised for her beauty as a result of this shoot and not just been seen as a clothes-horse WAG.

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Source & scans by me


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scans! That Dolce&Gabbana dress is sure popular!
My new all-time favourite picture has to be the last one.
Stunning, amazing, sensational, phenomenal, i don't even have the words to describe my admiration to this photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the scans. She looks stunning. My favourite is the last pic. GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read the interview and she's as cute as ever!

Francesco said...

Don't you guy think this hair-style doesn't suit her?

DVB said...

Electra...I love how she changes the interviewers perception of her as the interview goes on.

I would kill and sell my first born to have a grand tour of her home.

I LOVE the hair. So nice to have a change.

Anonymous said...

I also love the hair, the straight hair wouldn't fit with this style.

And yes that's what i was talking about FC, people have perceptions about her, but once they get to know her, they are stunned by her persona.
I would also do anything to have a tour of her London home, i'm in constructions myself, so i'm very into interior design.

Mermaid said...

Thank you soo much for the scans! She looks amazing!
PS: At the beginning of the editorial Victoria mentioned her lilac crocodile Hermes. Could you please tell me, which one is it? I only remember her little violet suede Kelly and violet ostrich Birkin.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Loved the interview, except she judged the finale of Project Runway not American Idol haha.

DVB said...

Yes I noticed that too LOL

Anonymous said...

I love that interview. It encompasses exactly how everyone feels after getting to know her and the pictures look GORGEOUS! I also like the fact that the writer calls attention to the fact that Victoria Beckham can be credited for alot of David Beckham's fame. Great article!

Anonymous said...

I used some of these scans on my blog (here), I hope you don't mind!

Anyway, thanks for scanning these beautiful pictures of Victoria... You're doing a fantastic work on this blog, keep up the great work! :)

DVB said...

Hi Anna,

No I don't mind.

FC x

J said...

I've been looking for this magazine in forever since I live in Toronto, Canada and it's weird coz the April UK issue of Vogue that just came out has Kate Hudson on the cover??? I'm confused! :( I want this magazine really bad :(